Showcasing real estate using high-quality aerial imagery does more than just elevate an agent’s marketing aesthetic: data from a recent MLS survey shows that properties sell 68% faster when aerial imagery is used.


These images grab the attention of owners and prospective buyers alike, and agents across the country are scrambling to incorporate aerial imagery into their marketing efforts.

The good news? Adding aerial panoramas, images, and videos to any listing is now more accessible than ever before. It simply takes a bit of research to understand the types of aerial imagery available, and which is best suited for your goals, budget, and time constraints.


Types of Aerial Imagery


Satellites & Micro-Satellites

There are several ways to obtain aerial imagery of a property. The arguably most well-known is satellite imagery: photos of Earth collected by imaging satellites from space.  About 250 miles above you, a multitude of low-cost tiny satellites now circle the earth. These “micro-satellites” have been launched in recent years to provide rapidly updatable satellite images to governments, industry, and the public.  These images are then licensed out to companies like Apple Maps or Google Maps for commercial and/or individual use.

Pro: Satellite imagery can be easily accessed via a quick Google search of the desired property.

Con: With sites like Google, however, you are limited to lower-resolution still images, and because of the altitude and angle of the satellites, the viewing angle is quite limited. While they can provide contextual information about an area, they are typically not suitable for property marketing.

Planes and Helicopters

Now the “old school” approach: the use of piloted airplanes and helicopters. Prior to the commercialization of drone technology, planes and helicopters were once the best way to get aerial photography.  Unlike satellite imagery, aircraft-captured aerial content is high quality and allows for more creative direction. Customers are able to specify the exact shots they’re looking to capture in order to showcase the sweeping beauty of a property and it’s surroundings.

Pro: Planes and helicopters were the first solve for the biggest issue with satellite-collected data: agents are able to specify the shots they are looking to get, and data is captured in high-resolution. With the advent of drone technology, however, that changed almost overnight.

Con: Cost and hassle. The process of hiring a helicopter or airplane is an arduous and can cost upwards of $500 or more per hour.


The newest resource for aerial photography is drones. Only drones provide the perfect combination of dramatic and engaging imagery with the cost-effective and quick turnaround you need to be competitive. But finding a drone pilot, communicating your needs, and handling the digital assets can be time-consuming and difficult.


Pro: Using drones to capture aerial imagery is a fast, cost-effective, and simple solution. With DroneBase, capturing aerial imagery and data has never been easier.

Con: Because the space is so new, misconceptions exist about drones: that they are difficult to use, that they require deep technological knowledge, or even a belief that drones are dangerous.

The truth: drones are providing incredible technological advancements  and adding value to an array of different industries – there’s absolutely nothing to shy away from! There’s massive opportunity for drone integration across a wide array of businesses, especially commercial and residential real estate. With so many use cases and implementations, DroneBase has emerged as the leader in aerial imagery services.

Why DroneBase?


Leading real estate firms and top professionals rely on DroneBase. The whole process is quick, simple, and almost effortless. In a nutshell, you simply go online, place your order, and in 2-3 days (depending on the package you select) your images will be available in your private online account that you can access, use, and share 24/7.

Leading real estate companies and their top agents trust DroneBase because only DroneBase has a nationwide network of permitted and insured professionals, and offers affordable CRE packages and volume discounts.

Cost Effective

AerialimageryPackages@2x.pngDroneBase offers unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and customization. Packages start as low as $99, and can be built to order. You can create a custom shot list, add your branding, and more. In addition, each order is reviewed by in-house professionals, ensuring your order is done completed with ideal images, done to your specifications.

Images that Sell

DroneBase’s extensive, nationwide network of highly qualified, experienced, and fully licensed pilots successfully deliver thousands of images every day, and they know how to evaluate and shoot each property to get the best images possible. In most cases, you can simply place your order and wait to receive stunning images that will  impressively showcase your property.

In fact, we’re sure you will find that our imagery makes even mundane structures look amazing.

Every Property Type

Whether your property is an urban high-rise or a sprawling ranch in the countryside, DroneBase makes it easy to get the images you need. Wherever your property is, our nationwide network of ace pilots can get there and get the job done. Drone photography is ideal for any type of structure in any setting, so you know you’ll get great imagery no matter the  location or situation.

Virtually on Demand

Turnaround time is only 2-3 days, depending on package options. And ordering is quick and simple – everything is online. After your order is placed, you’ll be notified when your images are ready for use. And don’t worry about storing or accessing your images. Everything is securely stored on our servers, available to you 24/7 through your DroneBase account.

Image Packages for Every Property and Deal

According to your needs, we provide high-resolution aerial photos, HD video clips, and edited marketing videos of your property. Because we host your images and videos on your private DroneBase account, you have 24/7, instant access to download for your own use, share with colleagues via a link, or easily embed in your website. All media is yours to own and use as you like. See here for more details.