DroneBase Training Missions

Our goal for DroneBase Pilots is twofold: to generate more Missions for DroneBase Pilots, and to ensure every Pilot receives adequate training for commercial drone flights – beyond their Part 107 certification.

Enter DroneBase Training, which ensures our Pilots are prepared and trained on the specifications of various Mission types and unmanned aerial drone operations. We have specialized courses for different industries - including Insurance, Telecom, Real Estate, and Construction - as well as courses for specific enterprise clients. Completing these courses will open new opportunities for Pilots and significantly increase the likelihood of guaranteed payout work!

If you’re a new pilot with DroneBase, the best way to get started is to fully complete your profile to be considered for Client Missions. From there, we’ll review your profile and determine if you’re eligible to begin our proprietary training and to start earning!

According to DroneBase’s Operations Manager Nick Ferranti, “We recommend that all pilots complete our various online training courses as they become available. They provide more insight to specific Client Missions and the processes that need to be followed. From a variety of shot lists, approved drone systems, and standard onsite procedures, our online training courses help our pilots complete Client Missions successfully.”

On the value of DroneBase Training, Ferranti notes that “[they] are valuable because they provide our pilots with live missions they can fly and practice on without the pressure of an actual Client Mission. Our variety of training missions prepare our Pilots for multiple Client Missions and help our pilots understand different shot lists and our standard upload procedure.”

The end result of this drone pilot training program? “Pilots are now ready to earn money doing what they love”!

Read on for more information about DroneBase Training.

How does DroneBase Training Work?

Be sure to have your Pilot Profile fully completed with drone system information, Part 107 license number, and correct address for our team to review.

If eligible, you’ll receive an email from our partners at Mindflash, a platform that helps us deliver our online training course materials to you.

All drone Training options have a Mindflash component, and these online courses typically take about an hour to complete. In certain cases, upon completion of our online training, Pilots are then sent a Training Mission request, which requires Pilots to shoot aerial photography and/or videography, and fly a Mission in their own space.

Is DroneBase Training Mandatory?

While DroneBase Training isn’t mandatory for all Client Missions, completing our trainings significantly increases your chance of receiving relevant Client Missions in your area by opening new Mission types to you. Upon completion of a Training Mission, DroneBase provides feedback to Pilots and will add a specific badge to their Pilot Profile qualifying them for Client Missions.

When we’re identifying Pilots to fly Missions for clients, we look to those who have completed their trainings first!

 Head over to your Pilot Dashboard first to ensure your profile is fully completed today!