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How Drones Are Protecting Endangered Species

Drone technology and endangered wildlife aren’t the most natural combination. Your first thought is...

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Saving the Planet One Drone at a Time

It’s no secret that drones provide valuable data that can measure storm damage, construction...

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Practical Steps for Flying in the Winter

In many ways, winter is the perfect season for aerial photography. The light is at its best,...

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How Drone Aerial Imagery Plays an Integral Role in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

As DroneBase CEO Dan Burton said earlier in the week, “The damage from Hurricane Harvey is...

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5 Ways Drones Will Affect our Future


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Mapping from above: How drones are changing the game

Aerial photography from drones is fast becoming the new normal, the latest must-have. Commercially,...

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How to Travel with Your Drone

How to Travel With Your Drone Part of what’s drawing people toward becoming professional drone...

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Drones and the Environment

Drones are increasingly being viewed as environmentally friendly problem solvers across many...

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