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Winter is Coming: Drone Pilot Tips for Adapting to Cold Weather

Tempting as it might be, there’s no need to pack away your drone during the winter months.

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All About Drone Light Shows

Of all the weird and wonderful applications that have taken off in the drone industry, one stands...

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Drone Transportation: Who's in the Race?

Drones are proving to be useful data gathering tools and a blessing for professional...

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Things Only Drone Pilots Will Understand

There's nothing quite like being a drone pilot. Whether you're flying for fun or working on...

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Halloween Special: 4 Creepy Sights Captured by Drone

Aerial photography gives us access to new perspectives and allows pilots to paint a different...

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Drone Coverage of California Fires By DroneBase

The fires in California have been devastating to witness. The entire DroneBase team feels...

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I Flew My Drone In Water Or Rain... Now What?

More often than not, a drone in water doesn't end well at all. Manufacturers tend to prioritize...

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Lost Drone: What To Do About It

A lost drone is every pilot's worst nightmare. And rightly so. First up, hundreds - or potentially...

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How Drone Aerial Imagery Plays an Integral Role in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

As DroneBase CEO Dan Burton said earlier in the week, “The damage from Hurricane Harvey is...

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Weekly Roundup: Our Favorite Drone Stories

It seems as if each week, another exciting drone story is making headlines - from practical drone...

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