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Aerial Inspection, Drone Uses, Insurance

Using Drones for Real Estate Appraisals

2019 saw a considerable increase in the use of drones for commercial purposes, ranging from aerial...

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Aerial Inspection, Commercial Real Estate, Customers

The Ultimate Commercial Building Inspections Checklist

There are millions of commercial buildings in the United States. Property managers across the...

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Aerial Inspection, Inspection, Thermal, Property Management

How to Use Thermography in Building Inspections

Drones have revolutionized the building inspection process. Commercial and residential property...

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Aerial Inspection, Customers, Renewables, Solar

How Often Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance

As the country strives for renewable energy sources, solar power has become cheaper, more...

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Aerial Inspection, Customers, Drone Industry

Drone Service Providers and Data Management

In July we announced the launch of DroneBase Insights, a new drone inspection reports technology...

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Aerial Inspection, Customers, Inspection

Drones for Power Line Inspections

We've already seen how drones are revolutionizing inspection processes across a variety of...

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Aerial Inspection, Customers, Inspection

4 Ways Drones Are Used in Inspections

Commercial drone use is rapidly expanding: this year alone, it’s been projected that there will be...

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Aerial Imagery, Aerial Inspection, Drone Pilots, Drones

Drone Coverage of California Fires By DroneBase

The fires in California have been devastating to witness. The entire DroneBase team feels...

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Aerial Inspection, Drone Industry, Inspection

From Our Pilots: Aerial Inspection Preparation During Hurricane Season

Rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented damage is work that will take...

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Aerial Imagery, Aerial Inspection, Drone Industry, Drones

What is Aerial Imagery?

If you've just got yourself a drone or you're thinking about getting one, there are probably plenty...

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