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How to Leverage Drone Imagery to Drive Real Estate Listing Engagement and Sales

Marketing your real estate assets is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. Almost all potential buyers today begin with an online search which has led to an increase in competition and a long tail of online real estate technology companies seeking to capture market share.

That makes differentiating your listing through high-quality photography and video that much more important. One way to do this affordably, reliably and in a scalable manner is the use of commercial drone technology.

DroneBase’s vast network of 60,000+ professional, licensed pilots in the US allows you to efficiently dispatch and manage your drone photography solution around the country. This is not only budget-friendly but also allows for faster turnaround times (typically within 48-72 hours). Our qualified drone pilots will highlight your properties in context (landscapes, views, pools, nearby landmarks, etc.) and using DroneBase eliminates the need for insuring in-house pilots and navigating tricky FAA regulations.

Our pilots can be trained specifically for your company’s assets (shot list, on-site instructions, talk tracks, etc.) and an API integration would allow for a seamless workflow between platforms. The API has worked very well for our current partners who bulk order in the 100’s or 1,000’s because once the settings are configured, the platforms do all the communicating. Your server tells our server all the places you want drone imagery, and our server returns status updates and the links of completed image and video files. It’s completely automated and hands-off.

So whether you are considering drones, use drones sparingly or even already have an in-house drone solution, a partnership with DroneBase can help to both support and scale this for your business. To learn more about DroneBase’s reliable data acquisition solutions, contact us today for more information or to setup a trial and see if drone imagery is the right fit for your needs.

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Andrew Woolford
Andrew Woolford

Andrew Woolford is a seasoned sales executive supporting the Partnerships Team at DroneBase. With Andrew's insight into core industries and knowledge on drone services, DroneBase has become the trusted, go-to drone platform for insurance, real estate, and inspection companies to acquire aerial imagery. Prior to joining DroneBase, he worked in various sales roles, including Senior Director of Sales for Comscore, Inc. Andrew received his BS in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. When he isn't in the office, you can find Andrew on the slopes of Park City and flying his DJI Mavic.


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