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drone technology, drone uses

The Potential of Drone Swarms

Not too long ago, UAVs were not much more than an ambitious, futuristic concept for data collection...

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AEC, Construction, customers

How Drones Support Architecture, Engineering & Construction Operations

A world away from the glamour and hype of package deliveries, FPV racing and personal transport...

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Company Updates

What FLIR’s Strategic Investment Means for DroneBase

Today marks a significant day for all of us here at DroneBase. FLIR Systems has made a strategic...

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drones, Just for Fun

Our Favorite April Fools’ Drone Stories

Finding the line between feasible and ridiculous isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what the best April...

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customers, Residential Real Estate

Why Drone Service Providers Do It Best for Real Estate Imagery

These days, reasonably priced drones are available to the average consumer at any local electronics...

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customers, Partnership

DroneBase Channel Partnerships: A True Win-Win

At DroneBase, we’re continually demonstrating our ability to scale for our channel partner...

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Drone Pilots, drone tips

Drone Pilot Tips: Make The Most Of Spring

It’s that time of year again. The snow has gone, the days are growing longer and the...

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Company Updates, drone technology

Thermal Drone Sensors Will Make Drones Vital to the Enterprise in 2019

When I first started DroneBase a few years ago, the cost of a professional drone flight was in the...

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customers, Drone Pilots, drone technology

Drone Battery Life Doesn't Have to Hold Back Operations

Why flight times shouldn’t stop you from embracing drone technology When weighing up the pros and...

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Drone Pilots, Product announcement

DroneBase Pilot App: Arrive + Depart

DroneBase Pilot App New Feature: Checking In and Checking Out via Arrival and Departure

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