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In-House Drone Program versus Drone Service Provider

Thinking Of Setting Up An In-House Drone Program? Here’s Why DroneBase Is A Better Option

As the use of drones becomes more widespread and applications take-off in a whole host of industries, businesses small and large are considering how best to adopt the technology.

There’s no simple answer on how to do this, and much depends on the specific application you have in mind. But for every organization there’s an obvious opening question: do we outsource our operations or bring them in-house?

Here’s why you are better off working with a drone services provider like DroneBase.

Up front costs

Like any on-demand service, working with DroneBase removes the need for expensive upfront costs. You don’t have to worry about buying a fleet of drones, kitting them out with the accessories you need, paying for your pilots to be trained or keeping their qualifications up to date.

Instead, a fully-qualified DroneBase pilot can take on your tasks whenever you require, bring their own gear, gather the data you need and be on their way. There is no ongoing commitment once the job is done and you’re happy with the results.

Depending on the scale and regularity of the operations you want to carry out, upfront costs can be substantial. Pilot training and hardware alone can run into the thousands of dollars.

The costs of an in-house drone program are ongoing, too. Repairs, maintenance, insurance, evolving hardware and software, and keeping up to date with changing regulations - just to name a few.

Pilot training and certification

As part of the FAA’s Part 107 Ruling, commercial drone pilots are required to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS rating in order to operate.

On top of that, the FAA’s Remote Pilot Exam is updated periodically. Part 107 pilots have to resit the exam every two years to keep their license valid.

All DroneBase pilots have valid Part 107 licenses, along with the experience and expertise to carry out your aerial tasks to the letter.

Timely data

The reason many businesses are keen to explore drone applications and the potential of aerial data is partly down to time. Drones can capture images and photographs at scale, often within a fraction of the time compared to manual methods or manned aircraft.

The irony is that putting the foundations in place for your own drone program can be particularly time-consuming, undermining one of the reasons your business is using drones in the first place.

DroneBase’s massive network of pilots offers quick turnaround times at the touch of a button, turning data collection into a slick and simple process - rather than another headache you have to deal with.

Scalable and flexible

For larger companies with multiple locations and sites to manage, implementing a drone program can be a daunting task. You either need a substantial team dedicated to drone data and the finance to make that happen, or to accept that your reach and operations will be limited by the scale of the task at hand.

When working with a service provider that has an established global pilot network, those issues disappear, giving you the flexibility to carry out operations when and where you need them.

DroneBase is also an obvious choice for organizations experimenting with drone applications. Why spend a small fortune on equipment and pilot training while you’re still assessing the impact drone technology could have on your business?

Global partners to suit your aerial data needs

Getting the most out of your drone data isn’t as simple as taking off, snapping a few photographs and printing the results. Working with DroneBase gives you access to a range of tools and partners to take your insights and operations to the next level.

In the past year, we’ve partnered with Hangar, to enable customers to scale and streamline actionable 4D Visual Insights into their decision making; with Airbus Aerial, to combine drone imagery with satellites to help build a one-stop shop for all levels of aerial data; and with Geomni, to bring the power of drones to the insurance industry.

No in-house drone program can match that scope and expertise.

From purchasing expensive hardware and accessories to insurance, licensing, training, and the costs of full-time staff, the finance and effort involved to get a drone program off the ground make working with a drone service provider a more simple and effective solution.

Take a look through our Ordering Guide to see for yourself how straightforward the process can be.

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Malek Murison
Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He's written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world's most exciting startups.


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