How to Complete a DroneBase Panorama

New to DroneBase Panoramas? We've put together a few helpful tips to get you started.


  • Remain professional throughout the entire flight mission.
  • Be respectful at all times. No smoking, cursing or littering.
  • No self branding, including wearing your own personal company's logo, passing out business cards, or upselling on site.
  • If there is anticipated weather that may delay a mission or if you cannot complete the flight, please notify DroneBase within 24-48 hours by emailing


  • If you are required to call an on-site contact and you are unable to connect with them please e-mail us so we can let the customer know. Do not fly until you have been connected with the on-site contact.
  • If you are running late or if you are unable to access the property, please notify us immediately at
  • If you need to reschedule, it should only be due to: emergencies, adverse weather conditions, or if you are unable to access the property. If prevented from flying missions for these reasons, please email and contact the agent.
  • Don’t accept more than you can handle!

Protocol Requirements

  • Do not take more than 55 panorama tile images. Our panorama image stitching will reject panos with more than 55 images.
  • Rise and Reverse away from the subject property, do not take Panorama directly over the building/home.

Required Settings

  • JPG file format (JPG and JPEG are interchangeable)
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Panoramic Images must be at least 12 megapixels
  • Auto-exposure OFF
  • White balance OFF
  • Check your exposure levels so the lighting is not too bright (washed out) or too dark.

Manual Format for Panoramas

Be sure to take images in 4:3 aspect ratio, and turn auto-exposure an white balance OFF. Take the panorama manually using the format below for a total of 43-51 images.

  • 0 degrees    10-12 images
  • 30 degrees  10-12 images
  • 60 degrees  10-12 images
  • 80 degrees  10-12 images
  • 90 degrees  2-3 images


  • Please make sure to use Google Chrome when using our online portal to upload. It has been tested and works the best.
  • Upload all images to the correct categories or “buckets.” (Ex: Panorama Tiles bucket)
  • You can’t submit the assets until all of the categories have either an asset or comment.
  • If Hangar 360 was used to complete the panorama, DO NOT upload the individual still images to Hangar 360.
  • All panorama images must be uploaded to the mission by the end of the day (4 pm PST)


We do our best to avoid re-shoots at all costs. Below are some of the most common reasons for a re-shoot; please review to ensure your time on-site is spent wisely!

  • Taking panorama images in 16:9 Aspect Ratio rather than 4:3
  • Not taking the panorama from the POI/ requested location
  • Auto-exposure setting ON
  • Auto-White Balance setting ON
  • Over-exposed/under-exposed images
  • Weather conditions do not meet the requests of the customer
  • Missing Coverage between images or rows of images
  • Flying outside the requested time frame
  • Taking the panoramic photos directly over the property (rise-reverse unless specified otherwise)
  • Slanted Horizons

You can always reference our 360 Pano Instructions document for additional instructions. See more examples of panoramas and still images here. Any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback can be directed to

Best of luck, and thank you for choosing DroneBase!