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FAA Drone Registration: Our POV

Effective February 25, 2019, the FAA has posted a rule requiring small drone operators to display their FAA issued registration number on the exterior surface of their drone. This update was issued in response to law enforcement official concerns about concealed explosive device threats under the previous rules that allowed for registration numbers to be placed in an enclosed compartment, such as a battery case.

Due to this perceived threat, the FAA believes this will enhance safety and security to identify the registration numbers with a visual inspection, and outweighs the minimal inconvenience imposed on the small drone operator. A comment period on this interim rule is available to the public and will end on March 25, 2019.

If done correctly, this can help mitigate risk as perceived by the FAA; however, bad actors with intent to harm may not even use the correct registration number, let alone place a registration number on the drone at all.

Furthermore, among the drone community, we have seen discussion about FAA overreach in this instance by requiring this new rule prior to public commenting.

In response, DroneBase believes in fair rules and regulations that promote safety while not restricting the spread of safe and legal commercial drone operations.

Read the FAA Drone Registration article here:

Pilots, what do you think about the new rule? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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Nick Osgood
Nick Osgood

Nick Osgood is the Head of Operations and first hire at DroneBase. He oversees all flight operations and drone pilots. Nick started his career in clean tech, then as a stand-in Director of Finance and Operations for over 15 Silicon Valley startups. He was previously the Treasurer & Director of Finance at StackCommerce where he led all finance, analytics, HR + recruiting, and customer support operations. Nick is the team’s in-house expert on drone industry news, regulations, and safety. He is very involved in the drone pilot community and passionate about growing the nascent drone industry. Nick earned his MBA and BS in Political Science from University of San Diego. He is very involved in the drone pilot community and passionate about growing the nascent drone industry.


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