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The Top 5 Reasons to Use DSPs for Insurance

The following post was written by Nick Osgood, DroneBase's Head of Operations.


DroneBase has been serving the insurance industry for 4 years now. When we're in talks with a prospective customer, one of the most common questions we hear is, "What's the value of using a Drone Service Provider (DSP) over creating an in-house drone program?"

While in-house drone programs may seem like a good idea at first, there are a number of variables that come into play - like costs, training, and insurance, to name a few - that make the outsourcing of drone services a much more viable option. Below, we've broken down the top reasons customers like Insurance Carriers can benefit from a  DSP rather than taking the work in-house.


Domain expertise

Ever-changing drone regulations and airspace concerns can be a behemoth to those new to the drone industry. Beyond that,  insurance flights require a distinct level of precision. DroneBase has overseen over 100,000 drone flights across multiple industries, and flies for multiple insurance carriers and analytics firms. We know airspace regulations and specific insurance Mission requirements like no other.

National Coverage 

DroneBase has the largest network of Part 107 Drone Pilots across the country, which means we have the distinct ability to access harder-to-reach locations that may be impacted by storms or inclement weather. 

No Capital Investments of Drone Hardware 

Customers don't have to worry about additional or up-front costs. We charge our clients transactionally, so there is no capital investment required of our clients. Additionally, we require all of our Pilots to secure their own drone hardware, so customers don't have to worry about purchasing the most up-to-date UAVs.

No Staffing Costs  

With a DSP like DroneBase, there's no need to worry about staffing logistics and the costs associated with initial onboarding, trainings, and certifications.

No Software or License Fees

We've spent years developing the proprietary DroneBase Platform, the hub for pilot management and client communication. As a DroneBase customer, you'll never need to build out your own software or license another program to help manage your aerial data needs. 

Fully Insured 

DroneBase has full coverage across our entire Pilot Network and at every jobsite, so customers can rest assured knowing that they're covered and compliant. 


You book, we fly. It really is as simple as that! If you're ready to leverage a DSP like DroneBase for your business, contact us today.

Nick Osgood is Head of Operations at DroneBase HQ. He oversees DroneBase’s national and international flight operations across real estate, construction, stockpile, insurance, telecom verticals.

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