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How Drones Are Adding Value to Insurance Firms

As an Independent Adjuster (IA) or Third Party Administrator (TPA) firm investigates and manages a claim for an insurer, the goal is to efficiently and accurately determine what is needed to adjudicate the claim. As the industry looks at Catastrophes, like Hail and Wind losses, we have begun to see Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/drones) used more prevalently amongst the IA/TPA Firms. There are numerous benefits that drones provide to both the IA/TPA firms as well as the insurer.

Speed and Efficiency

Utilizing drones in post-loss inspection is enabling a reduction in the claim adjudication timeline to as little as 4.5 days.


Drones are eliminating the need to have inspectors climb roofs. A drone operator remains safely on the ground and can capture previously unobtainable angles at high speed.

Cost Savings

The average Non-Catastrophe roofing IA Expense is $600 while the average Catastrophe roofing IA expense is $1,100. Firms can utilize best-in-class granularity for comprehensive damage assessment to the entire exterior of a property with the latest drone technology.

All of the Above PLUS Scalability

As IA and TPA firms evaluate the utilization of drones, they should consider the additional benefits offered by DroneBase: the best-in-class, world-leader in Aerial Drone Property Inspections.

  • Zero upfront investment
  • Hundreds of Thousands of flights flown
  • Insurer and TPA references of DroneBase as a partner
  • Existing nationwide network of 55,000+ Pilots
  • Required Part 107 FAA license
  • DroneBase Background check
  • Pre-existing insurance claim shot list required per pilot approved by DroneBase operations
  • Insured
  • Custom script per insurer between policyholder and drone pilot
  • Camera requirements across the entire drone pilot network ensuring consistency

If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing drones for your IA/TPA firm or would like to get started, contact me today.

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Jesse Peterson
Jesse Peterson

Jesse Peterson is the Director of Insurance at DroneBase, the world's leading drone operations company, focusing his expertise on the Southern US. Jesse is passionate about developing long-lasting partnerships between the P&C market and InsureTech. He has worked with various firms delivering precise and timely property risk insights; for example, hazard elements surrounding a property, the value of a structure, etc.


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