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DroneBase Pilot App: Arrive + Depart

DroneBase Pilot App New Feature: Checking In and Checking Out via Arrival and Departure

DroneBase continues to be the leader in powering drone operations by providing fast, affordable, and reliable drone services. As part of our core offering, there are many moving parts under the hood that combine to make this feel as seamless as possible for our customers. On a monthly basis, DroneBase deploys hundreds of drone pilots on thousands of missions across the US through a logistical dispatch network for aerial imagery capture backed by technology that we built in-house.

As we continue to build upon this foundation, our vision is to get as real time as possible for speed and reliability. In order to have a successful drone flight, we need our drone pilots to be on time at the right location. To solve this part in the logistics stack, DroneBase pilots can now provide real-time status updates via the DroneBase pilot app which provides instant feedback to when the pilot has arrived on site and when they have departed.

This feature will help the DroneBase internal logistics team manage their daily flights. With this information, we will be able to see in real-time when pilots are on schedule and if there are any issues that must be relayed back to the customer. Having done hundreds of thousands of flights, DroneBase understands that moving people across cities can be impacted by so many factors such as weather, traffic, and even personal issues that may cause delays.

So how does it work? The ARRIVE button appears in our app 2 hours before the Mission start-time and will stay on the screen for 2 hours after the Mission end-time if not tapped. If ARRIVE is tapped, it will turn into the DEPART button. Like the ARRIVE button, it will remain for 2 hours after the Mission end-time if untapped.

With this feature set, we plan on exposing more of these statuses to our customers in real time via the DroneBase Client Dashboard and API. The DroneBase Pilot app will be a pilot's main tool to receive Missions, notify DroneBase of the status of their Missions, fly, and provide realtime feedback.

DroneBase Pilot App Feature Screen Shots:



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Nick Osgood
Nick Osgood

Nick Osgood is the Head of Operations and first hire at DroneBase. He oversees all flight operations and drone pilots. Nick started his career in clean tech, then as a stand-in Director of Finance and Operations for over 15 Silicon Valley startups. He was previously the Treasurer & Director of Finance at StackCommerce where he led all finance, analytics, HR + recruiting, and customer support operations. Nick is the team’s in-house expert on drone industry news, regulations, and safety. He is very involved in the drone pilot community and passionate about growing the nascent drone industry. Nick earned his MBA and BS in Political Science from University of San Diego. He is very involved in the drone pilot community and passionate about growing the nascent drone industry.


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