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DroneBase Partners with Sterblue to Reinvent Wind Turbine Inspections

We’re excited to announce that DroneBase has teamed up with Sterblue, an international infrastructure and energy inspection startup, to provide the drone services layer of their business. Through DroneBase’s Pilot Network, Sterblue is planning to re-invent the world of energy infrastructure inspections in the U.S.

Why Sterblue?

“Our partnership with Sterblue is a great opportunity to further DroneBase’s footprint in the energy industry and help enterprises in wind, electricity, and solar make better decisions about their most critical assets,” said Dan Burton, Founder and CEO of DroneBase. “And with FLIR’s recent strategic investment, DroneBase will be able to leverage thermal drone sensors to provide additional data for these enterprises.”

As the commercial use cases for drones are ever-increasing, the energy industry will be able to leverage our Pilot Network to detect defects, starting with wind turbine inspections in the Midwest.

"We are very excited to launch this partnership in the US with DroneBase to bring a complete integrated automatic inspection service to the wind turbine market,” said Geoffrey Vancassel, CEO of Sterblue. “Combining the strengths of Sterblue AI-based software and the operational power of DroneBase will definitely help wind turbine owners inspect their assets cheaper and faster!"

What Does This Mean for You?

Our partnership with Sterblue will enable our drone pilots, starting in the Midwest, to have more commercial opportunities by inspecting wind turbines. The Missions will require either a DJI Matrice 210RTK or 210, or an Inspire 2. Eligible pilots will receive higher payouts for their full- or half-day of work.

To be considered for these Missions, be sure you have your Pilot Profile updated with the correct equipment, location, etc. and our Operations team will be in touch for training soon. We’re looking forward to providing drone services for Sterblue’s cutting-edge analytics software!

Check out these screenshots from the Sterblue platform:

Sterblue App 1

Sterblue app 2

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Erik Till
Erik Till

Erik Till is the Head of Marketing of DroneBase and is responsible for the communications and brand of the company, as well as strategy, content, and acquisition of drone pilots and new customer leads. He has worked in startups ranging from eCommerce to design & manufacturing, building marketing and sales programs for both B2C and B2B companies. Erik holds a B.S. in Business Management and Psychology from San Diego State University.


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