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Drone Imagery Is Great For Business: Just Ask These Customers

Finally, after the long season of cold and gloomy days, summer is arriving. Certainly there is cause for excitement from people of all walks of life. Whether it's for gorgeous days spent poolside or planned family vacations, none of us can deny the excitement felt as the days get longer and more signs of summer appear.

However, there may be no group of people more content to have their toes against the starting line of summer than residential real estate agents.

These hardworking professionals are ecstatic, but not just for the reasons outlined above. For real estate pros, summer means a chance to fill listings with beautiful aerial drone imagery, as well as their schedules with the subsequent showings they lock down as a result of that content.

In fact, maybe only drone service providers, like the team at DroneBase, are more pleased about another season of clear skies and smooth flights all over the U.S.

We love helping our real estate customers secure the footage they need to take their home sales to the next level - not just in the summer, but all year long!

The Need for Speed

Frequently, residential real estate agents require extremely fast execution from the moment a flight is ordered to the delivery of content.

Maybe you missed the few spring days it didn’t rain. It might feel like you're out on your luck as far as securing high quality aerial footage goes when your plate begins to fill with summer listings. But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Our efficient user interface makes it possible to order a flight over your newest property listing with a few clicks. Just ask Rob & Joyce Campbell from RE/MAX who experienced "really fast service” from a pilot who proved to be “very good at communicating with me to be sure I received the photos that I needed."

DroneBase customer quote

No Compromise in Quality

The need for speed should never require a real estate agent make sacrifices to the quality of the content they feature for listings.

With the most experience in the industry, DroneBase protects against this by knowing what drone systems and conditions are needed to ensure the highest quality footage is delivered on time.

And our pilots are no different. They receive the most up to date training so that there is always a flight and photography expert waiting in the wings for your mission.

This is especially important for agents of high end listings to consider, whose customers have a similarly high standard for the work their listing agent does to bring serious buyers to the table.

After his experience using DroneBase, Parry Ermogenous of Century 21 was relieved that his “high end listing was impressed by the production quality.”

This peace of mind is ultimately what you invest in when you choose DroneBase for your drone service needs, and why so many real estate agents continue to place this critical component of their business in the capable hands of DroneBase operators.


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Christopher Grillo
Christopher Grillo

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