DroneBase Insurance Missions are a great opportunity for our professional Pilots to fly jobs with a guaranteed payout.  We’ve partnered with leading enterprises in the space to bring drone technology to insurance claims, and are actively growing our Pilot Network to service this industry need.

About our Insurance Missions

Our Insurance Missions connect some of the largest insurance industries in the world directly with our pilot network for aerial inspection work nationwide. As an individual pilot or sole proprietor, gaining access to these enterprise accounts can be difficult  – if not altogether impossible. The DroneBase team takes care of the heavy lifting (identifying opportunities, client communication, and more) to bring new, exciting opportunities to our pilots every day.

A majority of our Insurance Missions are seasonal opportunities: for example, hail storms create an immediate need for insurance agencies to conduct aerial inspections. Not only does this seasonality allow drone entrepreneurs time in their schedule to manage their own portfolio of clients, DroneBase Insurance Missions creates an exciting “busy season” for many of our pilots.

Take Andrew Dean, for example. Dean has flown over 300 missions in the past year alone: “This year I was able to do over 200 missions in roughly 3 months, and over 320 in 5 months. There were numerous days where I was going pedal to the floor and doing 10 missions per day and pushing close to a thousand dollars a day. Ultimately it ended up leveling off at about 3-4 per day, which, allowed me to do about $5000 per month for most of the summer and fall. DroneBase is a large part of why, in my 3rd year in business for myself as a commercial drone pilot, I broke 6 figures. To say that I did that at 27 has been a true honor and I owe a big chunk of it to the guys and gals at DroneBase.”

How it Works

When a Pilot chooses to fly Insurance Missions, they are entered into our onboarding process, which includes training with the DroneBase Operations Team to review the job requirements & scope of work. All Pilots are also armed with tutorial videos and a training manual to refer back to at any point in time.

After onboarding is complete, our Operations team will email Pilots directly as new opportunities become available. Missions are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all have a guaranteed payout.


What our Pilots are Saying


“While you could certainly get more money per mission if you go out and do this on your own, you have to factor in all of the extra work you’ll need to do. First, you’ll have to develop or purchase a software and data management system. Then you’ll need to network and get large-scale clients to make it worth your investment. Then you’ll have to schedule, shoot, upload, QC, and forward all of the relevant information to the clients. Then you’ll need to bill them, and take care of all the paperwork. And the key to this business model is volume, so you’ll need to hire more pilots, and then take a cut of their fees, which puts you right into the same business model that already exists for DroneBase. So why go through all that brain damage when you can just accept, shoot, upload, and forget it? And oh yeah, you get paid right away for your missions!” – Vic Moss


“Working for Dronebase during hail season last year was incredible. Just imagine that for some days last year the earning potential for licensed Dronebase pilots was upwards of $1000 per day in areas that are affected by hail.  Most missions only take 20 to 30 minutes for me. If I can do it then you most certainly can! Let’s get ready to help people get back to the lives they enjoy!” – Glenn M. Manning

“The experience has been extremely smooth; from onboarding, pre-flight, fly day, post feedback summary and finally getting paid. The support, communication, organization provided from DroneBase on the backend is as equally important as the pilot.  Nick and Chris were a pleasure to work with and provided all the necessary support at every step of the way, true professionals.” – Vinh Nguyen