Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Inspection

DroneBase’s Focus on Safety and Privacy

Within a very short amount of time, commercial drones have become a valuable business tool for construction contractors, real estate professionals, and other businesses. As drones have entered the public mainstream, concerns of privacy and security have arisen. If you have considered using drone imagery in your own business but are concerned over safety or privacy infringements from using a drone, DroneBase’s focus on security and privacy will allay your concerns…

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Agriculture, Construction, Inspection

How Drones Improve Safety and Efficiency Across Industries

Roof inspectors, construction project managers, surveyors, and farmers rely on aerial technology to provide images of crop damage, roof damage, terrain features, and vantage points that cannot be perceived from the ground. As drones become more widespread and multifunctional, drones are becoming practical tools across even more industries in a variety of ways. What follows is how drones are being leveraged across various industries to improve safety and efficiency…

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