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Building Technology to Open A New Horizon

It is hard to imagine a future where drones will not be omnipresent: last-mile deliveries, roof/road/rail/tower inspections, security, surveying, aerial photography, and many use cases we have yet thought of.

It’s easy to draw parallels to the early days of the internet with high upfront cost and minimal return of investment. Without cheap, fast and reliable access to the data that drones can capture, new business opportunities will not emerge and adaptation from existing businesses will not happen.

As an engineer at DroneBase we work on solutions to improve access to this data. Part of the process at DroneBase is to identify problems, verify them, and then build technology to solve them at scale. We are constantly dogfooding new solutions before exposing them to our clients and/or pilots. While we don’t have an R&D team here I’d consider the whole company an R&D department.

“Software is eating the world.” - Marc Andreessen


A drone is one of the most technically advanced IoT devices. It can operate autonomously, and has access to multiple sensors, cameras, infrared, and LiDAR. All of which is helping us to capture beautiful, rich and complex data across multiple verticals using our native technologies on Android and iOS. We are just scratching the surface of what these powerful technologies can do on the edge.

Drones at Scale

At DroneBase we deal with huge data sets (tens of thousands images). These data sets consist of images and/or videos. This creates many challenges that we have had to solve for. How does one manage this as a pilot before uploading to us? How do we provide a good solution for uploading hundreds of gigabyte of data? How do we process these data sets and deliver to our clients as quickly as possible? The scale and the complexity of these challenges are a moving target.

Drones & Intelligence

As we continue building technical solutions to optimize and scale our platform, we are constantly evaluating to see if we can also get smarter. Can we leverage Machine Learning to make our dispatch better? What can we do in our native apps to make sure we capture better data? How can we deliver results and not just data to our clients? How much can we move this technology to the edge?

There is no end to the technical challenges and the opportunity to solve them here at DroneBase. We are looking for engineers that don’t shy away from big problems and that take ownership of their work. A successful engineer at DroneBase is also a compassionate team player.

Want to help us pioneer this new industry from a rooftop in Santa Monica? Send an email with your resume to or reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.

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Tomas Becklin
Tomas Becklin

Tomas Becklin is the Vice President of Engineering of DroneBase. He brings over 20 years of experience building technology and growing engineering teams. As one of the first engineers at MySpace, Tomas helped the company scale to more than 100 million users. Tomas has also co-founded two tech startups. At DroneBase, as one of the first employees, Tomas helped to build the platform and set the technology vision.


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