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How This Industry is Leveraging Drone Technology

The following post was written for DroneBase by Chris Grillo.

Drones for Surveillance & Security

Closed circuit camera surveillance has been the cornerstone of commercial security. As these systems have become more accessible, the industry has seen small businesses and even some residences outfitting their storefronts, storage facilities, and homes with cameras.

The rise in popularity of surveillance systems, particularly as a mainstream computer product is in part because surveillance has proven itself as a deterrent of crime. This is shown in city wide security initiatives in New York, Baltimore, and other cities across America, where crimes rates dropped dramatically as a result of improved monitoring of public and private properties throughout the cities. And yet, there is still so much about this technology that is lacking.

The most obvious problem associated with traditional surveillance monitoring is that individual cameras are stationary. This means each device is contingent on another and another, and so on, in order to ensure the total surveillance of an area or facility. This begs the question, why aren’t drones, or unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), more prevalent in the wide range surveillance of a given area?

Drone Practicality

The modern consumer UAV, with its speed, range, GPS programming, and general ease of operation, is the likely candidate to replace video surveillance systems for better and for always as the technology improves. Right now, drones are hired hands in security, used for high level reconnaissance around which traditional camera monitoring systems are then built. But it is possible that in the near future, as UAVs are able to sustain longer flight times that drones can be integrated as a part of camera systems, and then ultimately, become the single source of surveillance for commercial and residential properties, public and private events, and more.

As a result of this evolution, the security process will be streamlined so that an area can be monitored by one single image streamed from one drone and its corresponding operator.

Implications on Modern Times

As we know, security is just one of the many industries being revolutionized by drone technology.  We're excited to see which industries will adopt and implement UAVs into their workflow next. What do you predict will be the next big step? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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