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Pilot Spotlight: Kenneth Ewald

We like to feature a variety of examples of the types of pilots in our network, from part-time Pilots like PJ Cook to full-time Pilots like Brian Deatherage. Today, we're excited to feature Kenneth Ewald, a DroneBase Pilot who is using his retirement to fly the skies of San Antonio, Texas, whenever he can!

Ewald has been in the DroneBase Pilot Network for just about a year, and specializes in capturing aerial imagery and video for realtors, contractors, home builders, home inspectors and insurance adjusters in the greater San Antonio area.As Kenneth puts it, "I like flying a variety of missions. The more challenging the better. DroneBase provides that better than any similar service."

Read on to learn a bit more about this week's Pilot Spotlight, Kenneth Ewald!

What area do you work in? San Antonio and South Central Texas

How long have you been flying with DroneBase? About a year

Are you a full-time drone pilot? If not, what is your primary occupation? I'm retired, and droning as much as I can!

What Drone do you primarily fly with? Phantom 4 Pro

What are your favorite things to shoot? Commercial real estate.

What is your favorite aspect about being a drone pilot? Independence

What is your best piloting experience? Flying low over the Guadalupe river

What was your worst piloting experience? In the past, having lost two drones due to propeller failures.

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