Getty Missions: Now With Guaranteed Payout

As of Tuesday, May 1st, this is the most up-to-date information regarding Getty Mission payout. 

About 8 months ago, we announced our exclusive global partnership with Getty Images. What originally started as a closed campaign focusing only on cityscape videos has since expanded to welcome all types of creative 4K video submissions. From sweeping views of arid deserts to shots of rolling ocean waves, we’re collecting all kinds of high-quality aerial video for placement within the world’s most prolific stock provider.

For months, we deliberated on how to best pay our Pilot network out for the video purchases, and today we are pleased to announce a standardization in our payout procedure: all accepted videos will be paid a guaranteed amount. Right now, that amount will be $15 per accepted video. We will further refine this amount as we better understand the lifetime value of a video on Getty. All videos that are not accepted will receive quick, constructive feedback on what could be improved.

Our goal is that DroneBase pilots get either 1) payment or 2) feedback on their content, right away. We were concerned that the long-term nature of stock royalties would take months, if not years, for pilots to recoup on their initial submissions. We think this model allows for a quicker feedback loop of simple, compelling commercial drone flights and tips with how to improve.

Information on our Payout Procedure

Does this mean if accepted my video automatically gets onto Getty?

  • While all accepted submissions are guaranteed a $15 payout, our new procedure does not guarantee that your video will be featured on Getty (though there is a high likelihood). Our goal is to give Getty as many pieces of video content as possible for them to feature, and we want to reward our Pilots for submitting their best work to us.

If my video is featured for $400, why is my payout $15?

  • This is one of our most common questions. The price tag for a logged-out user on Getty Images can range in the hundreds of dollars, but rarely is that the price that most Getty users (who have a subscription to the service) will pay.
  • For example: a video’s full retail price on site may be $400, but most Getty customers have access to licensing videos for only a few dollars a piece. If we were working on a dividend procedure, pilots would only get a few dollars or cents out of one purchase at a time.

How did you decide on the payout amount?

  • This is our estimated value of video over a video’s rough lifetime on Getty. Rather than paying pilots a few dollars or cents for every time their video is purchased, we’re paying out on the front end with the assumption that the lifetime value of the purchases from our data so far.  
  • There is, of course, the chance that a video may be accepted by Getty and never sell. We are intentionally taking on the risk by paying our pilots out before we get paid, because we want to build our library with Getty Images and give our Pilots more opportunities to get paid.

How can I ensure the highest likelihood of acceptance (and payout) on all my submissions?

  • As long as your video submissions meet our criteria, they will be accepted. For the full list of video specifications, visit our Getty page.
  • We work on a constant feedback loop with the Getty Team to ensure we’re giving our Pilots as much context as possible when and if their videos are not accepted. For a full list of see here.

The Value of Getty Missions

We see Getty Missions as a flexible, unlimited, compelling flight for a drone pilot. They’re easy, clear, and are accessible to fly at any point in time, anywhere in the world. The opportunities are completely unlimited!

Getty Missions have a guaranteed payout for every accepted submission. As long as your video meets our specifications and is FAA compliant, you will get paid.

We see this as a great, easy way for our Pilots to get paid for flying their drones.

Ready to use your best footage to earn cash from our exclusive content partnership with Getty Images? Sign up as a DroneBase pilot today, broaden your creative skills and watch your portfolio take off!



5 thoughts on “Getty Missions: Now With Guaranteed Payout

  1. This is great news for all of the Drone Base pilots; thanks a lot for that!
    I would like to know more details about those eleven categories Getty is asking us to classify the videos, when uploading (Air Travel, Beaches, Cityscapes, Commuting, Construction, Countryscapes, Extreme Weather, Natural Disasters, Nature, Seasons, Space). Maybe naming some examples would be fine.
    Some of them are self explanatory; yet some of them are not; and here is an example: If I want to upload a video containing footage of a highway portion with many cars moving on it, would this rather be under the construction category (because the highway itself is in fact a construction), or would it fall into the “commuting” category (because of the cars moving in the footage), or is it more like Travel ?
    Thanks a lot for a short explanation on these; maybe the examples to these categories can be included in the Frequently Asked Questions about Getty Submisions page on Drone Base.
    Best regards, Paul Lindemann


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by and checking out this post! You raise a great question here. Right now, our recommendation is to use your best judgement when tagging your videos. If the video quality is great and the tag is just slightly mismatched, a member of our team may add additional tags that are more relevant and still approve your video. What we recommend against, however, is uploading the same video multiple times with different tags.

      We’ll continue to build out the FAQ as our process develops and we receive more questions like this from our Pilots. Thank you again for your feedback, and we’re glad to have you flying with us!


  2. Hey there,

    I am mainly curious on how long it takes after an upload to be notified if your footage was accepted or not. Not sure if I am the only one with this question, but it would be awesome to know.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Pilot,

      Thanks for reaching out! There is no “normal” timeframe for review; our team works hard to review as many submissions as possible each week.

      Due to the high volume of content, our partners have requested that we provide them only with the highest quality submissions. This means content goes through a more discerning review process, and as such, the status of your video may remain “in production” until further notice.

      Thank you,

      Team DroneBase


      1. Hi there,

        Just also wanted to know how I get back to view my itty missions.

        Thank you,


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