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Top 4 Benefits of Drones in Construction

Drones are an innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics, provide a visual progress report, and allow worksite managers to track, map, survey, and manage projects easily. We’ve worked on hundreds of sites nationwide, and are equipped to perform construction flights safely, efficiently, and under compliance with all worksite regulations.

Plenty of construction professionals have already chosen DroneBase to take their projects (and efficiencies!) to the next level. Here are a few of the top reasons our customers choose DroneBase for their aerial construction and worksite needs.

Site progress

Get project updates as they happen, regardless of your proximity to the worksite.

Stakeholder communication

Share visual project updates with key stakeholders to keep all parties informed on progress.


Gather analytics via drone to vastly reduce time associated with traditional forms of site mapping.

Stockpile measurements

Collect accurate volume data with a fraction of the manual labor.

Get all of these benefits and more as a worksite manager using our aerial data collection services. DroneBase is proud to offer a network of certified, professional drone pilots who will service thousands of flights in 2018, and we’re ready to create efficiencies for YOUR business today!

Interested in using drones for construction site aerial photography, data mapping, and project management? Contact us today.

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Erik Till
Erik Till

Erik Till is the Head of Marketing of DroneBase and is responsible for the communications and brand of the company, as well as strategy, content, and acquisition of drone pilots and new customer leads. He has worked in startups ranging from eCommerce to design & manufacturing, building marketing and sales programs for both B2C and B2B companies. Erik holds a B.S. in Business Management and Psychology from San Diego State University.


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