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How Telecom Operators Can Work With Drones

The telecommunications industry has experienced major change over the past few years.

Historically, wireless carriers would conduct routine tower audits and inspections manually, by sending up tower climbers to inspect, adjust, or fix structures individually. Tower climbing has been cited as one of the most deadly jobs in the United States, with 183 deaths per every 100,000 jobs each year.

Drones have introduced a "desk inspection" solution for telecom companies and their adjusters. Carriers no longer have to manage risks associated with a physical inspection, and can instead utilize UAV's to fly and inspect even the most dangerously-high towers.

With DroneBase, we're able to enhance your worker safety by getting accurate imagery regardless of weather conditions, height, and other factors. Our team of expertly-trained pilots can conduct active inspections anywhere in the country. The only work carriers have to do is to simply book a drone flight with us, and we'll turn around high-quality images and video needed in a fast and professional manner.
Not only is the "desk adjustment" solution a better risk management tool, the use of drones also helps to reduce the inspection cycle timeline. With pilots ready to fly in all 50 states, our team boasts a fast delivery for captured asset turnaround.

We're already providing aerial imagery services to with industry leaders nationwide, and are excited to continue building out our services in the Telecom industry.  If you're interested in exploring a cost-effective, safer, and more efficient means of inspecting towers, get started with us today!


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