4 Ways Drones Are Used in Inspections

Commercial drone use is rapidly expanding: this year alone, it’s been projected that there will be at least 600,000 commercial drones in the air! While the types of professional missions will vary greatly, there’s no question about importance of one function of aerial services that spans across all industries: aerial inspections.

Whether you’re using drones for real estate appraisals, insurance claims, or worksite inspections, the value of using UAVs over traditional methods is clear.

icon_savetime@2xSave Time

Aerial inspections reduce workflow turnaround time significantly, whether for an insurance claim, a worksite check-in, or the delivery of real estate assets. DroneBase can save you up to 5.5 hours of your valuable time!



icon_savelives@2xSave Lives

In many cases, inspection jobs require an adjuster to conduct dangerous work. Reduce your company’s risk and save lives by using drones as a “desk adjustment” solution. To date, drones have saved over 165,000 lives!


icon_betterdata@2xBetter Data 

Drone technology is highly advanced, and the quality of data you’ll get from a small machine is astounding. Whether inspecting a roof for storm damage or measuring a worksites progress, the caliber of asset quality is sure to benefit your workflow.

icon_savemoney@2xSave Money

Drones are far more cost-effective than conducting inspections via traditional means. With DroneBase, customers save an average of $300 per inspection.




DroneBase is proud to offer a network of certified, professional drone pilots who will service thousands of flights in 2018.

Ready to start using drones for your inspection needs? Contact us today!




6 thoughts on “4 Ways Drones Are Used in Inspections

  1. The content here alone gives me more encouragement to drop my drop work and continue on a new untested / career…. based in Uk I should really invest in getting my commercial license??

    Any comments please get in touch via .10xdrones com



  2. When using the service to incorporate into marketing/ecommerce flyer for leasing/selling commercial real estate, is you drone flyer able to meet with a representative onsite? Also to pull it into the creation of the marketing flyer…is it simple to work with the marketing company creating the flyer to make it a smooth add on to the flyer?



    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by, and great questions! Our Drone Pilots can meet with on-site representatives if that is specified in the order details, and our assets can certainly be used in your marketing efforts – all assets are yours to keep and leverage however you choose. For more information, feel free to reach out directly to customers@dronebase.com.


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