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Common Getty Rejection Reasons

Our partnership with Getty Images has been exciting for our team here at DroneBase HQ and our Pilot Network at large.

We love watching our Pilots' creative videos roll in. We've seen everything from hidden waterfalls to sweeping shots of  Icelandic castles and everything in between...and we want more!

To date, hundreds of entries from our community have successfully been approved and our pilots have been paid.

Our goal is to continue that momentum and approve as many quality submissions as possible for placement on Getty Images. There are, however, times when we aren't able to approve certain submissions. While we do our best to provide accurate feedback when we have to reject an image, it's not always possible to give added context to the rejection reason.

Here, we'd like to offer a deeper explanation behind our common reasons for rejection.

Duplicate/Repetitive/Similar Footage

If you have a slew of similar footage on your drone, choose your favorite to submit to us. While we love looking at additional vantage points, if the locations are the exact same, we will only approve one.

Edited Video

The beauty of Getty Missions is that you're able to submit drone content exactly as it is! We exclusively seek out raw footage, and will not accept any edited video content.

Featured Brands / People

We are unable to accept any videos that explicitly show, promote, or advertise brands or public figures.

Drone/Pilot Visible

In some cases, the drone pilot or another drone may be unintentionally in the shot. Because our Getty Submissions are typically licensed for commercial or creative use, videos must be clean, cinematic shots with no additional interference.

Damaged footage

We only accept 4K videos between 5 and 60 seconds in .mov or .mp4 format will be accepted. Please ensure that your video specs are aligned with our requirements and that your footage is not corrupt prior to submitting.


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