How Drones are Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry

From real estate to construction and nearly everything in between, drones-as-a-service has broken into many major markets in the past two years alone. Telecommunications is one of the recent industries being revolutionized by UAV services, with drone-powered solutions offering a projected value of $6.3 billion dollars in the United States.

DroneBase is a part of that value offering – an ideal tower inspection solution. With tens of thousands of pilots across all 50 states, we’re able to dispatch a professionally-trained drone pilot to your tower quickly.

 Drones as a cost-effective way to maintain networks

The average cost of a tower climb can range anywhere from $2000 to $5000 per inspection. With aerial inspections, that cost can be lowered by up to a third, significantly reducing margins for carriers.

A lower price also means drones play a critical role in keeping infrastructure in good condition: a more affordable price point leaves room in the budget for more frequent inspections.  By accurately determining tower conditions through high-quality aerial imagery, Telecom businesses are able to lower operating & maintenance costs.

 Drones reduce risk

If tower climbing is known to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, why do carriers and large businesses still employ individuals to conduct these inspections?

Before drones, there was no other option. “Tower climbing, a small field of roughly 10,000 workers, has been called the most dangerous job in America. And as ProPublica and Frontline reported in 2012, cell phone carriers and tower owners have insulated themselves from legal and regulatory liability for on-the-job injuries by delegating this work to layers of subcontractors.”

Aerial inspections reduce liability and risk factor significantly: drones can capture accurate aerial imagery regardless of outside conditions, keeping inspectors safely on the ground. A drone pilot is able to accurately determine tower conditions with high-quality aerial imagery – a win for operations and safety!

 DroneBase Pilots will be more prepared than ever

DroneBase uses a network of qualified pilots (who are trained and experienced to fly for commercial inspection purposes) to fly each tower. All pilots are vetted for professionalism and quality, and have permission to fly for commercial use and insured at every job site.

In the future, DroneBase Pilots might even have the opportunity to train for more difficult Telecom missions using AirCraft. For example Pilots may practice their technique by flying around a tower built in Augmented Reality.  In this environment, they may receive prompts for where to take the best photos or videos to ensure their skills are up-to-snuff for even the most challenging Telecom missions.


If you’re ready to leverage DroneBase’s network of skilled pilots for your aerial inspection needs, contact us for a quote today! A member of our team would be happy to discuss your options.


4 thoughts on “How Drones are Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry

    1. Hey Allen! Great question. You can head on over to to sign up, or look for the DroneBase Pilot App in the App Store or Google Play Store. Let us know if you have any other questions!


  1. I have a Phantom 4 Pro+, because I didn’t want to buy a tablet and a drone. It doesn’t allow installation of 3rd party apps. Is there a way I can do onboarding for tower inspections without having to download an app?


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