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3 Ways Drones Are Used on Construction Worksites

Drones are the preeminent solution for delivering aerial imagery for construction projects.  As a nationwide, best-in-class drone service provider for aerial data, DroneBase has worked on hundreds of worksites nationwide and holds all the necessary insurance to perform construction jobs safely and under compliance.


Thanks to our suite of offerings, we've worked with a range of construction clients to date. While each customer's needs vary (and our drone service offerings are tailored to fit each construction customer), there are a handful of services that almost every worksite manager looks for.

Here are just 3 of the most popular ways drones can be used for aerial construction and worksite needs.

Progress Reports

Rome wasn't built in a day...and neither were any major land development projects. There are various checkpoints throughout the construction process, which in most cases can take months (if not years).  Leveraging a drone for an aerial progress report allows for real-time updates, so project owners can save time and manage worksites more efficiently.


Using drones to complete full-scale inspections significantly reduces the risk factor for workers. Rather than a worksite manager conducting a time-consuming and somewhat hazardous inspection, a drone operator can capture a birds-eye view of the entire area safely & within a much shorter timeframe.


DroneBase is the leading provider in high-quality aerials, and we're now able to provide accurate estimates, generate cut and fill maps, modify plans to meet on-the-ground conditions and more ...all in a matter of clicks. The availability of rich analytics gives customers a more accurate understanding of their worksite.

Ready to get started with DroneBase for your construction-based projects? When customers choose DroneBase for their aerial data needs, they always receive access to a network of qualified, trained, and professional pilots. Our team takes care of all pre-planning, safety checks, and quality control, so that our partners receive high-quality results without any hassle.

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