About Our Customer API Integration

Drone-captured aerial imagery is a clear choice for businesses looking to create efficiencies in their inspection, imagery, or worksite operations.  If you’re a large company, however, individually processing each pilot request can be time-consuming and may make scaling difficult.

This is exactly why API integrations exist.

An API integration can improve company business models by creating efficiencies wherever bulk orders or large requests come into play. Our API connects our customers’ servers, which tell us all of the places where a customer is requesting drone imagery. Our server is then able to provide status updates and ultimately, final assets to the customer.

The communication between our servers is direct, simple, and allows for immediate implementation into your business’ workflow. As DroneBase CTO Eli Tamanaha explains, “It is a way for large companies to submit bulk orders directly into our system, and for our system to return the results directly back. By “directly”,  I mean seamless communication from one server or website to another.”

dronebase api.jpg

The DroneBase API allows enterprise companies to work with us at scale. It offers our customers a way to seamlessly send 100’s or 1000’s of orders directly into our workflow to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and decrease turnaround time.

Interested in getting started as an enterprise business?  Contact us to get set up as an enterprise. Or, for the tech savvy, look through our API documentation. Hope this is helpful in increasing the scale and efficiency of our enterprise customers.  Thank you for using DroneBase!



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