5 Reasons to Fly Expanded Getty Missions With DroneBase

Back in June 2017 we launched an exclusive partnership with Getty Images. It opened the door for DroneBase pilots to submit aerial shots of cityscapes from around the world and get paid in the process.

Hundreds of entries from our community have successfully made it onto Getty Images. And recently we announced that the submission categories are expanding from city skylines to 4K footage in the categories of nature, space, countryscapes, natural disasters, construction and more.

This move has made getting your work onto Getty Images easier than ever. But what are the other upsides of flying Getty missions with DroneBase?

Fast Payout

The most appealing aspect of Getty Missions remains the chance for our pilots to receive payment for all accepted submissions.

Right now, that amount will be $15 per accepted video. While all accepted submissions are guaranteed a $15 payout, our new procedure does not guarantee that your video will be featured on Getty (though there is a high likelihood). Our goal is to give Getty as many pieces of video content as possible for them to feature, and we want to reward our Pilots for submitting their best work to us.


With the newly expanded categories, it’s easier than ever before to earn while you fly. Providing the quality of your shots meets the standard required, a day out with your drone can be profitable, not just a load of fun.

As our CEO, Dan Burton points out, Getty Missions are all about flexibility. “Our pilots have full creative freedom with Getty Missions. They’re able to decide what, when, and where they’d like to shoot. In fact, completing a Getty Mission might be as simple as going through your videos and submitting an old favorite.”

Practice makes perfect

Knowing that your footage is in with a chance of making it on to Getty is a great way to focus your flight time and shoot with more purpose. This can help to make you a better, more efficient aerial photographer.

With those skills honed, you can improve your earnings in future projects too.

Expanding your portfolio

Now that our Getty submission categories have been expanded, there’s more room for aerial creativity than ever before. ‘Nature’ and ‘Countryscapes’, for example, offer the perfect excuse to head to your nearest mountain, lake, river or generally green space to test our your aerial landscape photography.

Each setting requires different skills and a specific approach. For that reason, taking on our new Getty missions can help you build a bold portfolio of varied scenes and shot types.

Exposing your best work to millions

Getting your credited work on Getty Images is a sure way to get noticed as a drone pilot. Getty’s customers include media agencies, TV and film producers and plenty of the world’s biggest businesses.

Submitting your best work through DroneBase is your chance to get noticed in the industry and make the most of your time behind the controls.

Keen to use your best footage to earn a passive income from our exclusive content partnership with Getty Images? Sign up as a DroneBase pilot today, broaden your creative skills and watch your portfolio take-off!

Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a freelance tech journalist working closely with clients in the drone industry.

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