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Getty Missions: Now With Open Categories

It's been a number of months since we first announced our exclusive global partnership with Getty Images.

As you may recall, we opened with a call for cityscape videos: sweeping aerial views of cities across the world, large and small. In our opening months, we saw hundreds of incredible submissions from around the world, and have been regularly paying pilots when their work is purchased on Getty Images.

Today, we're excited to announce that we are expanding submission categories for our Getty Missions.

This means that in addition to cityscapes, we're now looking for 4K video across a broad spectrum of categories including nature, space, countryscapes, natural disasters, construction, and more.

As DroneBase CEO Dan Burton said, "Our pilots have full creative freedom with Getty Missions. They’re able to decide what, when, and where they’d like to shoot. In fact, completing a Getty Mission might be as simple as going through your videos and submitting an old favorite."

It's likely that you already have great footage on hand that can be submitted as a Getty Mission. Why not turn the great content you have hanging around into a shot at making money?

Need a refresher on how our Getty Partnership works?

The DroneBase Pilot app streamlines the tedious backend work of submitting videos to Getty Images to simply pressing a button. Pilots can focus on what they love (flying the drone, getting awesome aerial video) instead of worrying about the tech side of things.

When it comes to making money, this wider categorization of Getty Missions offers our pilots shot at getting paid for your existing drone footage. As Dan Burton has mentioned, "at the moment [Getty] Missions are the most flexible, with the best payout opportunities. If making drone payout opportunities is your primary consideration, send us Creative Mission content. This can be literally any 5-60 second 4K video you have taken with your drone. While our initial theme was for Cityscapes, we are now accepting any 4K drone content. Look for changes to our site reflecting that wider campaign and an even easier way to upload soon. We are in constant contact with our creative partners to identify and communicate to you the best-selling themes of aerial 4k content.



Ready to take flight?

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