How to Use AirCraft

AirCraft is DroneBase’s premier augmented reality (AR) platform that expands the realm of possibilities for drone users. With AirCraft, Pilots can use their drone to build virtual objects in the sky.

Anyone with a DroneBase account, a compatible mobile device, and a compatible drone can use AirCraft for free…and it’s hobbyist pilot-friendly too! Because you don’t need a license to play around with our AR, even the newest users can start flying with DroneBase.

We’ve had a great response to AirCraft so far. Take Trent, for example, who already made a video to share the structures he’s created! We’re excited to keep this momentum going, and wanted to share some high-level tips for first-time AirCraft users.

To make using AirCraft as seamless as possible, here are a few step-by-step directions to get you used to the basics of using your drone to construct Augmented Reality.

Select an Object

You can select an object from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Tap an object to select it. You can swipe left and right to see more sizes, and you can swipe up and down to see more colors and textures.


Place an Object

Once an object in the toolbar is selected, tap the green plus button to place it anywhere in the sky that you’d like.


Aligning Objects

If you use the crosshair to highlight the side of an existing object, then a new object will snap directly onto it.

Delete an Object

Highlight the object you want to remove with the crosshair, and then tap red X button.


Controller Buttons

If your drone’s controller has programmable buttons, you can also use the C1 and C2 buttons to delete and place objects.




Ready to start building? Launch your DroneBase Pilot App on your iOS device to access AirCraft. (Android users, stay tuned!)


7 thoughts on “How to Use AirCraft

  1. This is an incredible application of drone technology! Please consider opening the app up a bit to include lettering or uploading pictures or objects to “place” in the sky. I see some considerable commercial possibilities… thanks all, keep up the good work!


  2. I can see AirCraft being monetized in my area quickly, after widely adopted that is. I have been doing some test runs and the possibilities are uncharted, obviously.
    Problems I currently see are:
    Service, where are the works of art going to be stored so others, who are not creators, have access to them? I created a small proof of concept and it was relatively simple, however, my drone battery was low once I finished and had to replace battery(power cycle). Once I was back in the air my previous creation had disappeared. Is this beta test limited to local storage, not on publicly accessible server? Did I do something wrong?
    Up and down drift of artwork is far too large while in air. I started a piece at a hundred feet, It was 7 boxes tall, by the time I got to the bottom box, I was directly over my head, too close. Obviously, works must start higher, yet, this will limit the monetizing agent due to inaccurate placement of blocks. Crayon vs Fine Tip Pen.
    Taking video/pics in Dronebase app should not have the cross hairs or any tools visible, its like a painter leaving a brush attached to a painting. Did I do something wrong?

    Some thoughts I have:
    Undo, I placed a super block by accident and then had to click every individual box to remove it. It’d be nice to click “undo” once instead of 25 times.
    Point-and-click, it would be nice to click on the screen(instead of move/angle drone) to add blocks on specific sides. This will lengthen the air-time by streamlining the process of creation. I could feasibly click 5-7 blocks, or more, without having to move the drone, while I currently experience between 1-3 blocks before readjustment.
    ^Moreover, Point-Click-and-Drag would allow lines of linked boxes or peculiar shapes to be more easily created. Maybe even linked to the yaw axis of drone so it automatically rotates as you create.
    Meta Data – once the AR system has worked itself into harmony, it would be nice to have a link or text box pop up should someone look at the art and want to know more about it or the artist. AR Business Cards, essentially.
    3rd party software applications; so a work of art can be preplanned and implemented automatically. Sort of like a dot-matrix printer(wayWAY back when). Battery life being an issue to the successful creation of art projects. 3rd party software, Air Craft Dev Kit, would allow artists to create at home, travel to site, reach minimum altitude, press go and watch the magic happen.(Like watching a printer print really, or watching a drone take a 360° pano)

    I’d like to thank Dronebase and all their affiliated partners for pushing the edges of reality.

    Looking Forward,
    All The Best,


    1. Hey there Pilot. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts here – you bring up some great points, and we appreciate you sharing your ideas! Regarding structure storage, AirCraft is currently an “open world” format; meaning whatever you create should stay there indefinitely. Would you mind sending an email to We’d love to get more information from you so we can look into this further.


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