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3 Ways DroneBase can Benefit AEC

The following post was written by Patrick Perry, VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships, AEC/Energy.

Drone-captured data is an innovative solution for delivering sophisticated analytics to stakeholders and provides an affordable way to improve estimating, designing, progress tracking, and reporting for worksites.

As a nationwide, best-in-class drone service provider for aerial data, we've worked on hundreds of worksites nationwide and hold all necessary insurance to perform jobs safely and under compliance. With our recent partnerships with the top drone data and analytics companies, we're able to provide our customers with work-ready solutions in the form of high-quality aerial data and accurate analytics.

Most large-scale AEC projects tend to have lengthy timelines and require a multitude of engineering and construction deliverables. Here at DroneBase, we have the ability to provide a turnkey solution for clients in the construction industry that spans every facet of the process, from initial pilot deployment to rich data collection and analytics.

Below are the top 3 ways DroneBase adds value for our customers in AEC:

Skilled Pilot Network

We're ready to dispatch top-tier construction pilots to your national and international projects. DroneBase has the largest network of Part 107 certified pilots across the entire United States, and we've flown tens of thousands of missions to date. Our professional pilot network goes through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process before taking flight so you can rest assured your worksite mapping is in great hands.

Data Collection

Using "traditional” methodology (using RTK -GPS or Total Station with individuals measuring manually) comes with human error such as lengthy timelines and data inaccuracies. When customers choose DroneBase, data collection can be completed accurately in one visit, based on the shot list or required data acquisition methods.

Data Delivery

Post processing, data is promptly delivered for use within your project's workflow. The data is delivered in any format for use with engineers and PM as well as management of financial accounting and ROI benchmarks.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 2.27.26 PMPatrick Perry is the VP of Sales and Strategic partnerships AEC/Energy at DroneBase. Previously he had spent 16 years in the construction and engineering. Over the last 4.5 years, his sole focus has been based around identifying problems or workflow issues in the AEC/Energy verticals and utilizing UAV data collection and post-processing to ensure the most accurate and efficient project development. If he is not working you can find him in the water surfing. 

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