The Future of Pano Missions

The past week has been an exciting one for the DroneBase community.

As many of you know, we recently released our brand-new DroneBase iOS app, featuring our new Augmented Reality technology AirCraft. While the addition of a new product (and the various commercial and creative applications that will follow) are exciting, we recognize that many of our Pilots have questions about the lifespan of Pano Missions.

We want to address those concerns head-on, and share a bit of insight into what Pano Missions might look like in the future.

Our team works hard to listen to feedback from our pilot community, and the feedback that came through loud and clear was that pilots wanted a higher likelihood for payout on Pano Missions.

Right now, we are in the midst of forming partnerships with enterprise customers that will provide that increased clarity and monetization our Pilots are asking for. Our plan is to reintroduce these simple real estate missions (Pano Missions) back into our mobile apps at that time.

Finally, for pilots who want flexible, unlimited missions they can fly anytime, we encourage you to check out Getty Missions. Right now, these are our best monetizing flexible mission and can be completed anywhere in the world. Although the initial theme was for Cityscapes, we are now accepting any landscape: urban, suburban, or rural, that you think makes for compelling drone footage.

Happy flying!


4 thoughts on “The Future of Pano Missions

    1. Hey Allen! That’s a great question. While Getty does offer photography, our partnership is strictly video as Getty is quite actively looking to broaden their aerial imagery content. The good news? There’s a ton of opportunity for videos to get featured and sold!


      1. Well, then I guess I better hone my video skills, then, eh??
        Not sure out little town is Getty-worthy, but being a very historic community along a river, I may have to rethink that.
        Thank you for the quick response.


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