Want to Get on Getty? Take Note From These Top-Selling Videos

It’s been nearly 3 months since the launch of our exclusive global content partnership with Getty Images, and in just a matter of weeks we’ve seen hundreds of fantastic submissions.

As you may recall, our initial call to action was for 4K cityscape videos: an open request to drone pilots for the best metropolitan aerial videos from all around the world. We received some truly stunning pieces of content, many of which have sold multiple times over.

Want to get on Getty?

There’s still time to get your work featured on Getty Images and get paid. We’ve rounded up the most-purchased DroneBase videos for your inspiration, paired with tips to inspire you to get in the air…and on Getty!

Downtown Tampa

This video features interesting perspectives: the drone pilot safely weaves between skyscrapers and shows the vast waterways of Downtown Tampa, Florida.

Twilight in Hollywood

One drone pilot captured the legendary buzz of Hollywood during twilight hours. The setting sun created the perfect backdrop for the city’s classic structures & signage.

Note: DroneBase Pilots are required to obtain night waivers for any filming after dark. 


Yacht Harbor in Honolulu

Does your city have a marine port or a large body of water nearby? Take a page out of this Drone Pilot’s book, and fly over your city from the water. The stark contrast between natural blue waters and a city skyline is bound to attract eyes on Getty.

Columbus Circle from Above

This drone pilot chose a birds-eye view to showcase the striking traffic patterns of New York City’s Columbus Circle. Scout out local hotspots from above to see if there interesting patterns or shapes in your city to capture!

Sunset over Downtown LA

This rise and reverse away shot of the LA’s downtown district shows off an interesting and often-overlooked facet of the city: vintage building signage. Does your city have any architectural quirks or charm to feature?


We encourage our drone pilots to take these tips and fly with them! If you’re ready to show your creative chops for a chance to get paid, we’re actively accepting submissions. 

Sign up as a DroneBase Pilot, and check out “Creative Missions” in your Pilot Dashboard to get started.



3 thoughts on “Want to Get on Getty? Take Note From These Top-Selling Videos

  1. I have some great Ideas for some pretty big projects – an example is a very large construction site where there building the new structure and after it is completed there going to take down the old structure so it’s a multi year project. One of my questions is, I would like to do an altitude fly over of the whole project from above and do a low altitude clip showing the ground level part of the site. Should I fly the mission all on 1 video clip and let you edit it or do 2 clips and submit the 2 clips separately.


    1. Hi Jeff!

      Definitely upload those as separate clips, please. Getty won’t accept anything that’s been spliced or edited in any way; they only want the raw footage. Here is our Getty FAQ page which may help answer other related questions: https://dbpilots.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002060291-Getty-Missions

      Also, when shooting a construction site, be sure you don’t get so close that you can see someone’s face, a brand, sign, building name, or anything else that would require a property or people waiver.

      Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re looking forward to seeing your footage!


  2. I’m confused here … the Sunset over Downtown LA clip totally shows signs and brands. When is this ok and when is it not?


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