Aerial Inspections During Hurricane Season

As summer slowly draws to a close, many Americans – specifically those living in coastal climates – are preparing for the thick of hurricane season. 

While the season spans from mid-May through November, states along the Atlantic Coast tend to see weather activity ramp up in August. You may be familiar with drones being used to deliver life-saving care during natural disasters (like the video below), but drones are also playing a part in post-storm recuperation with aerial inspections of the damage left behind.

Here are a few other ways drones are making a measurable impact during hurricane season:

Documenting Insurance Claims Through Aerial Inspections

While we sincerely hope no one has to endure storm-related damages, the advent of this new season is a reality. DroneBase’s services are meant to make the aerial inspection process move swiftly, so homeowners are able to repair and get back to their normal lives after a storm. Through drone aerial photography and videography, insurers are able to understand the extend of property damage, including flooding, roof damage, and surrounding neighborhood conditions.

3D Mapping

Drones can capture 3D maps of damaged landscapes, which can help to inform any rebuilding efforts that need to take place. For example, drone-captured aerial inspections may help response teams understand how the landscape, major roads, or bridges may have changed or shifted as the result of extreme weather. 

Monitoring Worksites

In the event that reconstruction of a region does need to take place, aerial construction photography can be used to track, map, and manage construction worksites more efficiently.

What other innovative ways have you seen drones used? Tell us in the comments below!


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