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What the Construction Industry can Expect from DroneBase

As the top nationwide service provider for aerial imagery & video, we're proud to offer a valuable product that appeals to customers across a variety of industries. It's our ability to understand and cater to each industry's specific needs that allows us to retain & grow our customer base - and ensure they're happy, too!

We're proud to have the construction industry as one of our main verticals and are equipped to meet all aerial worksite needs. Drones are the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics, provide a visual progress report, and allow worksite managers to track, map, survey, and manage projects easily.

How are we qualified to service the construction industry specifically?

Here are a few more of our benefits!

Experience: DroneBase has worked on hundreds of worksites nationwide and holds all the necessary insurance to perform the job safely and under compliance.

Network: We’re proud to have a large network of certified pilots across the entire United States - and we mean all 50! From California to NYC - and everywhere in between - we have active pilots ready to fly your mission.

Turnaround: We promise a quick turnaround time, every time - without sacrificing quality!

Still need more convincing? Here's what some of our customers have to say!

“Love DroneBase! They have found a way to cover coast to coast and have quick turnarounds regardless of the requests. They’re super humble and listen to the client and that’s why I keep going to them again and again. Thanks guys!” - David Dunville, Cadre

“DroneBase did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to all our colleagues and associates as a full package deal - they have a team full of cutting-edge talent, dedication, and passion for aerial imagery.” Steve Sroka RC Anderson

Whether you're looking for orthomosaic generation, 3D modeling, or stockpile measurements, our pilot network is equipped to meet your needs. Get started today!



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DroneBase helps enterprises make better, real-time decisions about their most critical assets. We are the trusted, go-to platform for aerial imagery and data for worldwide commercial clients across multiple industries, such as insurance, commercial real estate, residential real estate, construction, telecommunications, and media. DroneBase is the leader in drone operations and powered by the largest network of professional drone pilots in the world.


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