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Crawl, Walk, Run: Integrating Drones & Businesses

The following post was written by Jose Giraldo, drone enthusiast and Head of Sales @ DroneBase.

It’s clear that drones are becoming the premier solution for aerial needs across a wide array of industries - specifically within insurance, where the industry’s use of drones for aerial inspections has skyrocketed in the past year alone.

Admittedly, integrating drone technology can seem daunting for a company that’s new to the space. I liken the drone implementation process to learning how to run: start slow and move in phases, until you’re ready to truly accelerate. Below, I’ve broken down the crawl / walk / run approach as it relates to integrating DroneBase’s aerial inspection services with insurance businesses.


At the crawl stage, we want our potential customers to understand the ROI in implementing this technology into their workflow. With this base understanding, large-scale adoption becomes easier.

For drones to be adopted by large carriers, they must be better than the current solution. It’s our job to prove to you, the insurance provider, that our services are faster, higher quality, and more cost effective than the existing solution of adjusters.

That much, we can guarantee:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.08.30 PM


We’ll take the first steps towards building a true DroneBase partnership in the walk phase.

In insurance, property claims such as wind & hail are typically a great first step, or trial opportunity. We’ll take on a few property claim inspections to demonstrate the DroneBase workflow. In these trials, insurers begin to understand that we’re creating the “Desk Adjustment” solution: that is, the ability for an adjuster to sit at their desk and review several homes at a time to make educated decisions about the claim.

The ease & simplicity of our process helps to build confidence with our newer customers as they begin to understand that drone inspections should be integrated at scale.


Once it's time to run, our insurance customers have full faith in our ability to execute on a high volume (100+) of aerial inspections daily. At this point, the SOW has been defined, and a steady workflow has been established, solidifying this new working relationship.

Our goal is to make this as simple as possible for our customers: In many cases, we’ll develop an API integration with our insurance partner to streamline the process and reduce more manual work as much as possible.

This approach has proven to yield satisfied customers and channel partners, not just within the insurance industry, but in telecom, real estate, construction, and more. If you’re ready to explore integrating drone technology into your business, get in touch today. We’re ready to start running!


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