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How Aerial Inspections Are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

When it comes to safety & risk assessment, efficiency is key - and there’s no greater efficiency than using drone technology to reduce the time and costs associated with insurance inspections. What was once a futuristic concept is quickly becoming the best way to conduct commercial inspections, due to the many efficiencies drones have created.

Settle Claims Faster

Drone-captured photography allows insurers to reduce the inspection cycle, settle claims faster, and get detailed imagery for underwriting.

Lower Costs

Drone insurance inspections are surprisingly cost effective. At DroneBase, we'll help lower your operating costs by sending our pilots out to capture aerial imagery.

Save Lives

Aerial photography is saving lives! Each year nearly 200,000 workers are injured in ladder-related inspection accidents. The use of drones for inspections immediately negates the risk of worker safety.

DroneBase is proud to have a widespread network of drone pilots ready to service inspection missions all across the United States. By accurately determining property conditions through high-quality imagery, we’re equipping insurers with the ability to better analyze a property and make better decisions.

Take it from Ed Kelly, president and CEO of The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS):

“DroneBase will add immense value to insurers: from underwriting for initial insurers, to claims after natural disasters, hail damage, wind damage, fire damage, and beyond. The company provides AAIS members an innovative solution to scale aerial inspections nationwide.

If you’re interested in pursuing drone inspections for your business, see HERE to get started.

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Erik Till
Erik Till

Erik Till is the Head of Marketing of DroneBase and is responsible for the communications and brand of the company, as well as strategy, content, and acquisition of drone pilots and new customer leads. He has worked in startups ranging from eCommerce to design & manufacturing, building marketing and sales programs for both B2C and B2B companies. Erik holds a B.S. in Business Management and Psychology from San Diego State University.


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