DroneBase Becomes First Drone Company to Join AAIS

DroneBase is proud to announce its affiliation with The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), introducing drone technology to national insurance carriers to revolutionize aerial inspections. DroneBase offers improved operational efficiency and enhanced safety through the power of a nationwide pilot network and its innovative tech solutions.

DroneBase is the largest network of Drone Pilots in the country, with a fleet of over 10,000 qualified pilots, ready to complete aerial imagery tasks on short notice in their respective areas. DroneBase’s vast and agile nationwide network will prove a useful tool for the insurers that consistently rely on AAIS insurance advisory, including most of the nation’s largest insurance companies.

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“DroneBase is a welcome addition to our associate program, as the preeminent provider of drone inspection services to many of our members,” said Ed Kelly, president and CEO of AAIS. “Our associate program provides DroneBase with access to valuable AAIS content and expertise that helps them ensure their solutions are current, compliant and easy to use for their AAIS member customers.”

DroneBase will add immense value to insurers: from underwriting for initial insurers, to claims after natural disasters, hail damage, wind damage, fire damage, and beyond. The company provides AAIS members an innovative solution to scale aerial inspections nationwide. DroneBase is the only drone company built with an API that allows its customers to seamlessly provide for thousands of inspection locations across the country, and have images and data piped into their system automatically.

“We are providing the ultimate desk adjustment solution that is faster, cheaper, safer, and of higher quality than the alternative of a human climbing onto the roof,” said DroneBase CEO, Dan Burton.  “We are actively flying in all 50 states, and outside the U.S. as well. We look forward to providing a superior alternative to reduce the inspection cycle, settle claims faster, let the adjusters focus on what they are best at, and help bring the insurance industry to new heights with drones.”



15 thoughts on “DroneBase Becomes First Drone Company to Join AAIS

  1. What is the annual cost of a 1 million liability policy for Phantom 3 Professional used for residential and commercial real estate photos and videos?


    1. Depends on how often you fly with a group like Verifly. You do get $1mil+ of coverage but only for short periods, for a defined radius, and a defined location…starting at $10 per hour. So if you only fly commercially occasionally then it’s sufficient. But shoot at 4 locations during the best sunshine window and you are now looking at a minimum of $40 for that day. Adds up quickly when you start doing the math.


  2. Very interested to see where this leads. Getting an affordable policy is going to be key to DroneBase growth of the pilot community. Verifly is not really an option. Sure, $10 per hour sounds cheap but only applies to the one location for that hour. And with the relatively low (potential) payout, that ten bucks adds up quickly on a full day of shooting.

    With having 700+ companies now aware of our needs, hopefully a better solution will emerge.


    1. Hey Allen, just to clarify – this announcement is regarding our partnership with a nationwide insurance organization for inspections and claims. This isn’t related to providing pilots with insurance for flying their drones (which we currently don’t have a partnership or official recommendation for at this time). This announcement does potentially benefit our pilots, however, because it will very likely lead to many more insurance/inspection jobs around the country.


  3. You guys really have an opportunity to change the game. High paying jobs using the Uber model is life changing. One of your mission should be that pilots can achieve 2x the national median income flying for DroneBase. Having said that, if I wanted to start a company in community that trains pilots that included Part 107 certs, equipment, and insurance. Is there anyway I can tap into your network as a company. Lastly, what about some affiliate marketing solutions. My community desperately need something like this and I can train/teach them. Thanks!


  4. Will client missions be assigned to pilots that have been active with Panos? I’ve only done a handful, but I love doing them on my days off, and the possibility of eventually doing other things with Dronebase would be fantastic.


    1. Hey Sean! Yes, we are certainly assigning Client missions to pilots who have successfully completed Pano missions. Make sure you pilot profile is completely filled out and, when we have Client missions in your area, will reach out.


      1. I really hope that’s the case. I have done a bunch and all purchased so must be doing something right. Would love to get into missions that pay more than they currently are. Assigned missions would be great but how could an outside group even know about one of us? We are basically anonymous, right? I have stuck with the commercial panos and I thought they came out great but the cut is very low compared to my perception of the value to the purchaser. If you are selling them as low as it seems, then no wonder they sell so well. Your stitching and pano engine is first rate and I would think the sale price would be higher to reflect that. Hopefully that can change and adjust as the industry moves forward. Gaining access to insurance inspections would be a huge plus and hopefully lead to more consistent, higher-paying missions. Thanks DB!


  5. How do the missions pop up on the map, as client mission assigned or more like the pano missions? Also do the insurance specific jobs only pop if you have done previous pano missions or will they pop as long as your profile is completed? Thanks and congrats!



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