O, Canada

Based in sunny Santa Monica, the DroneBase team has long admired the resolve and frost-bitten determination of the Canadian Drone Pilot. Whether warming up batteries on a radiator, piloting from half-inside a heated car, or staying steady in an Arctic gale, our Canadian Pilots truly fly in any clime and place.

Today, DroneBase is excited to announce that pilots throughout Canada will have more activities and opportunities to get paid to fly their drone. Since originally launching four months ago with over 1,000,000 commercial activities, we’ve gotten great feedback and seen beautiful panoramas from across the United States. We are now launching a limited number of these commercial missions to Canada in time for spring, with many more to come throughout 2017.

Like the US, commercial missions are available through the DroneBase Pilot Dashboard and DroneBase Pilot App. Missions are available in many cities throughout Canada with plans to expand throughout the country. The missions are simple, take only 10-15 minutes to complete, and are located conveniently near your work, home, or favorite Tim Horton’s.

Drone pilots truly are at the heart of this company, which is why we constantly strive to get more pilots paid for doing what they love. We believe being a drone pilot should be a profession not just in the US, but all over the world.

We also follow the news, and we know how hard it is to be a professional (or recreational) drone pilot in Canada right now. We are proud to support you and keep you flying here at DroneBase. We want the Canadian Pilots of today to be rewarded for being early pioneers of your industry, perfecting your trade despite the uncertainty.

To learn more, please visit our FAQ page, and be sure to reach out if you can’t find missions nearby, or need assistance. And as always, stay tuned for updates and new features as we continue to make DroneBase your first stop when flying your drone.

CEO of DroneBase Dan Burton
Dan Burton, DroneBase CEO


4 thoughts on “O, Canada

    1. Hi John! We don’t have an exact timeline right now, but we’re aware that many of our pilots are on Android and we’re working towards solving that. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Great to know Canada is coming.

    Regarding some improvements. An android app would be a big improvement especially when most of the mobile phone devices (58%) are android devices. Also, I would like to see a new report or listing generated where pilots can see new missions based on the date added to the system. The map view is great, but it’s difficult to see when new missions are posted. Having a way to list missions by date would be an great feature. Finally, when listings are selected, it would also be helpful if the pilot could retain the ability to see the payout probability as a reminder. This would assist with setting mission priority.

    Thanks !


    1. Hi Thomas – We definitely hear you about an Android app and are working on making that happen sooner rather than later. Your feedback is great and I’ve passed it along to our engineers. Thank you!


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