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DroneBase Pilot Spotlight: Doug in Chicago

Whether you're a veteran DroneBase Pilot who has been flying with us from day one or you just captured your first Pano Mission, we want to give you opportunities and tools to help you get the most out of your drone. We take pride knowing that we're helping shape the industry and turning Drone Pilot into a full-time profession. One Pilot who has been flying with us for two years and has certainly made a career out of capturing beautiful imagery is Doug Benson.

Skyline aerial image Skyline photo taken by Doug's DJI Inspire

DroneBaseAre you a full-time Drone pilot? If not, what is your primary occupation?

Doug: I operate a photo and video marketing business full-time, of which drone operations are a big part!

DroneBaseWhat drone do you primarily fly with?

Doug: DJI Inspire 1 Pro

DroneBaseDescribe your "dream drone"

Doug: I'm pretty intrigued by the new DJI Inspire 2, and should my projects for 2017 warrant it, that would be a cool drone to add to our fleet!

DroneBaseWhat are your favorite things to shoot?

Doug: Nature, along with unique architecture

DroneBaseWhat is your favorite aspect about being a drone pilot?

Doug: The creative freedom that comes with this new platform feels limitless!

DroneBaseWhat was your best piloting experience?

Doug: I had the privilege of working with NatGeo for a week this past summer, shooting drone footage for a nature reality show.

DroneBaseWhat was your worst piloting experience?

Doug: Doing any construction project in Chicago in the middle of winter when the wind chill is around 10 degrees and it's impossible to stay warm!

DroneBaseAnything else you'd like to share?

Doug: I'm thrilled that my growth in this business has been fueled by providing solid work to a diverse portfolio of clients, and the fact that my double-digit growth is due exclusively to referrals makes me quite proud of what the Elevated Exposures team has accomplished so far.


Check out this video of some of Doug's footage:


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