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Here at DroneBase, we get incredibly excited when our costs go up. Right under our ‘revenue from customers’ is our ‘payments to drone pilots’ figure – which is in theory a cost to DroneBase. While most companies fight cost increases tooth and nail, every person at DroneBase celebrates when we help a pilot turn their passion into a profession…

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Drone Pilots

DroneBase Pilot Spotlight: Doug in Chicago

Whether you’re a veteran DroneBase Pilot who has been flying with us from day one or you just captured your first Pano Mission, we want to give you opportunities and tools to help you get the most out of your drone. We take pride knowing that we’re helping shape the industry and turning Drone Pilot into a full-time profession. One Pilot who has been flying with us for two years and has certainly made a career out of capturing beautiful imagery is Doug Benson.

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