DroneBase Product Announcement: 360 Panoramas!

DroneBase is very excited to announce our newest product offering: 360 Degree Panoramas! Panoramas are the latest and greatest way to showcase a property and its surroundings in one place. Taken from a single location (generally above the front of a property), a panorama can showcase the excellent views, nearby attractions, transportation, and local amenities.

DroneBase will also give customers the ability to customize their panoramas with images, text, and logos to best showcase each property. Simply upload the image(s) you need (recommended as a PNG file) and place it onto the panorama. You can select the size of the image as well as rotate on multiple axes.

DroneBase 360 degree Panorama
DroneBase 360 degree Panorama (click here to experience)

Annotating a panorama is a great way to improve branding and give customers a better idea of what the property has to offer. It can also help the client to discover more about the property than what they may see from an outdated Google Maps view or “flat” 2D images.

We’ll be releasing more features on the panoramas soon and are excited to continually improve this product! Subscribe to our newsletter if you want us to let you know when our instructional video on panos becomes available, as well as staying up-to-date with our newest products and features.

Happy flying!

DroneBase 360 degree Panorama



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