DroneBase Collaboration Tool Announcement

DroneBase is constantly striving to provide the highest value to our customers for their aerial imagery and data needs. Learning from our customers’ feedback, we recognize the importance of collaborating on missions and sharing content internally in an easy and intuitive way. Thus, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Collaboration feature, making it much easier to share, discuss, and work together on a DroneBase mission with your teammates.

The Collaboration feature will appear as a new tab on the Customer Dashboard. Once you’ve opened the tab, you can add one or more colleagues to any mission simply by entering their email addresses. Once invited, the new collaborator(s) will receive an email to create a new login – separate from your own – to access the mission. If your colleague is already a DroneBase customer, then they will be able to use their existing login to access your mission. This will give access to project files with the ability to download and share on their own.

The Collaboration feature was designed to make sharing assets easier amongst individuals in your network. From brokers to project managers to partners – we recognize each project may have many hands involved, and sharing internally is a necessity. The Collaboration tool will cut down on your emails and any friction of working together.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click the tab



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