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Summer is Here! Capture Great Property Views

You're probably aware that Summer is one of the best times to capture your for-sale properties at their best. Photos come out better when they're framed by healthy trees, shrubs, and green lawns. Properties with pools help tempt your prospect to think of the dog days of summer, while lush landscapes can help frame buildings and property in greenery.

A few years ago, preparing for summer listings would mean simply having a professional photographer on-site to highlight your property from various angles, allowing the landscape to become a part of the view. Today, however, many real estate agents find that a few great photos just aren't enough when it comes to selling a property. Getting a few great shots on the digital camera just isn't enough information. In fact, in many cases, an aerial view of upscale and commercial properties is a growing necessity.

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Real estate professionals are turning to professional drone pilots to offer views that were once only available via air travel, such as a helicopter ride overhead. Drones can offer views that are much more complex than just a quick overhead snapshot. You can add sweeping panoramic landscapes to a listing or a video tour to your website with the click of a mouse. Drone photography and videography have set a golden standard that allows real estate agents and property owners to highlight many details that are often left out with traditional photography.


Hiring a professional, licensed drone photographer can make all the difference when you're planning your listings. While drone photography services are still cost-prohibitive for many smaller residential listings, they are a great benefit to agents selling industrial properties, multi-acre lots or farm properties,  large estates, or other upscale properties.

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Simply put, drone photography and videography can make a property look its best, giving a unique perspective to potential buyers and taking images from a vantage point that piques the curiosity - and imagination - of potential buyers.

A drone can get to places that the human eye can't take in, offering an aerial view of properties that reveal the property size as well as the landscape. For commercial properties, this means you can accurately depict the property's parking area and the building size in relation to its surroundings. For upscale homes, images captured by drones can offer close-up details such as mason work and an accurate overview of nearby amenities.


According to USA Today, at last count, the Federal Aviation Administration had issued over 500 drone licenses in 2015. About 1/5th of those licenses were permitted to take photo and video footage. With new guidelines expected in 2016, this number is set to increase as demand grows for high-quality overhead photos and breathtaking panoramic views. Because of this, it's important to do your homework when shopping around for a professional.

Real estate trends in 2016 are expected to make sales a bit more difficult, according to Realtor Magazine, with higher mortgages and rising rents.  Savvy consumers want to see that they're getting more for their money. While you cannot turn the tide of mortgage trends, you can advertise a property in a way that shows it in all its glory. The best way to do this is to partner with a reputable drone photographer to help you capture all of the intricate details of your upscale and commercial properties.


Getting your buyers to walk through the front door for a showing is the first and more important step in the sales process. Why take a chance with "average" photos or mediocre online tours when you can provide a clean, gorgeous view that helps tell a story that sells? There's no better time to get a great overhead overview of your properties, including sweeping landscapes and panoramic shots.

Summer will be gone before you know it, so act quickly! Please visit our website and get in touch. We can help you get started today for great listings tomorrow!


DJI Phantom 4 Professional
DJI Phantom 4 Professional


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Erik Till
Erik Till

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