Hello from DroneBase CEO Dan Burton

Hello World!

My name is Dan Burton, I am the CEO and Co-founder of DroneBase.

DroneBase is the leading provider of commercial drone services, working in over 25 countries with world-class enterprise customers (most recently we announced a global partnership with Keller Williams).

Our team has been heads-down for the past year, focused on delivering a great product for our customers and turning ‘drone pilot’ into a true profession.

Going forward, we wanted to use this blog to share some of the incredible customer experiences, bleeding-edge drone use cases, and engineering challenges we are tackling here at DroneBase.

We look forward to keeping you updated and hearing your thoughts.

Dan Burton


CEO of DroneBase Dan Burton
CEO of DroneBase Dan Burton


5 thoughts on “Hello from DroneBase CEO Dan Burton

  1. Hello Dan!
    I have been a pilot with you guys for over a year now, fantastic business model!
    I would love to speak with you about some expansion possibilities if you are interested?

    thank you
    James Hennis


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