Agriculture, Construction, Inspection

How Drones Improve Safety and Efficiency Across Industries

Roof inspectors, construction project managers, surveyors, and farmers rely on aerial technology to provide images of crop damage, roof damage, terrain features, and vantage points that cannot be perceived from the ground. As drones become more widespread and multifunctional, drones are becoming practical tools across even more industries in a variety of ways. What follows is how drones are being leveraged across various industries to improve safety and efficiency…

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Residential Real Estate

The Technology that is Changing Residential Real Estate

Buying a home is a major life event. It requires research, financial savvy, finding in-depth information about the neighborhood, the schools, traffic, transportation–it’s enough to get any potential home buyer’s pulse racing. Buyers are increasingly astute and have the internet at their disposal for research. As an agent, you need to have a lot of data that can help close the sale, but buying a home is also very emotional. When people think of a home, they think of a personal expression of themselves as well as the safety and comfort of their family. Anything you can do to add emotional impact to your presentation of a property is going to give you an edge…

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Commercial Real Estate

The Impact of Drones on Commercial Real Estate

Imagine that you can show your client gorgeous high-definition video of a commercial property shot from the air. Picture doing it without breaking your budget and within just a few days. Now you can stop imagining because it is now a reality! Your commercial real estate sales can soar with our drone based aerial photography and videography services.

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